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The Mendicity Institution is the oldest working charity in Dublin. Established in 1818, it has been in operation for nearly 200 years creating opportunities for people experiencing homelessness, isolation and marginalization to live better lives.

We help people empower themselves so they can work their way out of homelessness and deprivation. We are inclusive, we are innovative and we provide quality service to all people who come to us.

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Latvian Ambassador expresses concern over homeless nationals in Ireland

During his visit to the Mendicity Institution on Thursday 22nd of September, Mr. Gints Apals, Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia to Ireland, expressed concern over the situation of homeless foreign nationals in Ireland. ‘The Latvian community in Ireland is relatively small, compared to the Polish, Lithuanian and Romanian, somewhere in the region of 30,000’, … Continue reading “Latvian Ambassador expresses concern over homeless nationals in Ireland”

Thank You!

We express our gratitude for the Tesco Community Fund for accepting the nomination for the Mendicity Institution.  Thank you to everyone who voted for us!

Culture Night 2016

Culture Night was lively, hospitable and varied at The Mendicity Institution. We challenge visitors to consume our Ox Head Gruel that was the staple sustenance for the ‘paupers’ back in the day. To balance that we serve a delicious leek an potato soup served with delicious Manning’s breads. The 1916 Garrison Relatives stand and our … Continue reading “Culture Night 2016”

Join us for the Culture Night 2016!

It is Culture Night on Friday, the 16th of September 2016 and the city throws its door open to the public. For the last four years our staff, volunteers, committee and service users have put on a tremendous show. We recreate and invite the public to taste the ox head gruel that was served here … Continue reading “Join us for the Culture Night 2016!”

Volunteers wanted!

We are currently looking for a committed Polish/Lithuanian/Russian speaking volunteer to assist us with our Employment project.


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Food Centre

  FOOD CENTRE – FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD This was one of our first projects, dating back to 1818. For almost 200 years, we have been serving homemade nutritious meals, free of charge, no questions asked. Our meals include: Breakfast Monday to Friday at 9.00-9.30 and Saturday 10.00-11.00 Early lunch Monday to Friday at 10.30 – … Continue reading “Food Centre”


Mendicity Workshop

Mendicity Workshop – working your way out of homelessness This project provides support to the long term homeless people with no social welfare entitlements. It is a small project that provides the participants with work activity, which allows for rebuilding skills, confidence, sense of responsibility and routine.   We love colour. We love light. We … Continue reading “Mendicity Workshop”


Mendo Shed

Mendo Shed For the homeless spending all day on the streets is problematic, it can be demoralising and dangerous. The Mendo Shed provides an alternative. Activities include dog minding, gardening, photography, making videos, mapping local graveyard, digitalising archival records, building structures for local festivals, maintaining football pitch, and more. It gives them time, space and … Continue reading “Mendo Shed”


Employment and Integration

Employment and Integration Project – from the streets to independent living Running since 2012, this is currently our biggest and busiest project. It aims to facilitate a path to independent living for homeless, vulnerable, poor and socially marginalised individuals. It provides complex assistance that allows for access to employment, training, welfare supports, detox, and medical … Continue reading “Employment and Integration”


Migrant Prison In‑reach

Migrant Prison In-reach Approximately 11% of prisoner population in Ireland are EU migrants, and many from Central and Eastern Europe. Many of them do not speak English, have no family here, no entitlement to social welfare support upon release, and no home to return to. Migrant Prison In-Reach Project helps support Central/Eastern European migrant prisoners … Continue reading “Migrant Prison In‑reach”


Community Support

Community Support As we are located in one of the poorest areas of Dublin, we want to provide the local community with activities and opportunities. Over the years, we have developed several activities that involve and support the local community and give the local children a better start in life.