Since it’s establishment in 1818, Mendicity has been a social enterprise ahead of its time, providing access to trade and employment. We continue this tradition today. 

The Mendicity Workshop Program

Over the years, through our activities and projects, we have identified a core group of long-term homeless EU/EEA migrants who:

  • Have resisted reconnection or return to home country;
  • Are long-term homeless in Ireland, and as such, are frequently in the situation of rough sleeping or using the Freephone;
  • Have no income and very few or no employment prospects;
  • Struggle with various addictions or addiction related side-effects;
  • Are trained/ skilled workers who, due to low English level and/or other causes, cannot secure and retain employment.

The Mendicity Workshop Programme was created as an innovative solution for this problem.

Aim of the Program

  • To provide a way out of homelessness for EU/EEA migrants who have been long term homeless in Ireland, and who have no entitlements to social welfare.
  • To provide a comprehensive and easily individualised strategy of enabling service users to access the workforce.
  • To assist those who are long term homeless and sleeping rough in moving out of homelessness and toward independent living

What we provide

The Mendicity Workshop is provided in partnership with Casadh, and is partially funded through The Department of Rural and Community Development Dormant Accounts Fund. Specifically, the Workshop provides:

  • Employment through a CE Scheme where participants work 19.5 hours per week in the Mendicity Workshop 
  • Support for Detox/rehab treatment 
  • Referrals for priority emergency accommodation/housing
  • Assistance with up-skilling courses such as Manual Handling, Safe Pass, etc.
  • Personalised assistance with all aspects of overcoming marginalisation
  • Access to learning English 
  • Assistance / translation services to open Revenue and/or bank accounts.
  • Assistance with various applications: medical cards, social housing, etc.
  • Searching for private rented accommodation.
  • Facilitation of (re)integration, through linking the Workshop participants with our Employment and Integration and TELL programmesprsonalised job seeking care and connection with local community.
  • Collaboration with local employment centres.

What we make

  • Garden boxes
  • Bird feeders
  • Wooden shelves
  • Wooden block art
  • Copper art
  • Greeting cards
  • Scented soaps & candles

Garden boxes, shelves, wooden block art and copper art can be all made to order. Email for more information.


You can read more about the products on our Facebook page here and order them online at

Support us

 If you are interested in supporting us, here are a few simple ways you can help:

  • Our team is small, and we are always glad to work with volunteers. So if you would like to get involved and volunteer, contact us on
  • Purchasing one of our handmade items made by Mendicity workshop participants. Visit our Etsy shop here for more information
  • Help us promote Mendicity by liking our Facebook page here.
  • And, most importantly by telling other people about us. Telling them the story of the Mendicity Institution Workshop.

For any queries, please contact us at or by phone at 01 677 3308.

Our garden boxes are made from pallet wood, supplied by Prodeico Advanced Engineering Solutions, Tallaght, Dublin 24.