Approximately 11% of prisoner population in Ireland are EU migrants, and many from Central and Eastern Europe. Many of them do not speak English, have no family here, no entitlement to social welfare support upon release, and no home to return to.

Migrant Prison In-Reach Project helps support Central/Eastern European migrant prisoners to prevent homelessness upon release. We provide supports to English, Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian and Russian speaking inmates.

The project involves designing a post-release support plan for each individual; procuring travel documents for prisoners wishing to return to their country of origin; providing information on services and entitlements available (in Ireland and home countries), referring to other services when necessary; providing assistance with securing emergency/temporary accommodation and job seeking for released prisoners; assisting prisoners with ongoing non-legal cases while in prison (e.g. debt, closing bank accounts, etc.).

Referral Form for Mendicity Prison In-Reach Project is available here.