The Mendicity Workshop is a social enterprise that offers employment to people experiencing homelessness and addiction. Employment is offered through our Community Employment Scheme, in partnership with ARC.  The purpose of the Mendicity Workshop is to offer employment and a route out of homelessness to its participants, while generating funds to support Mendicity’s core services.

The Mendicity Workshop offers an income to its participants through part-time community employment. It is a rehabilitative social enterprise, supporting each person in their recovery from substance misuse. We also support each person with access to education and training, long term housing, and skills for employment after the workshop.

We create handmade and unique products in the workshop. Our wooden products such as window boxes, garden furniture and dog beds, are made using recycled wood. We also make copper art, fire pits and lino prints.

We rely on the sales of these products to generate an income so that we can continue to support people through the workshop. To make a purchase click here to visit our shop

Other Services


We create handmade and unique products in the workshop


Clean clothes, access to showers, toiletries and laundry facilities


Safetynet Primary Care

Food Service

Mon – Fri: 9.30 am – 3.30 pm

Daytime Shelter

With access to Wi-Fi and charging facilities

Advocacy & Assistance

We offer support and access to services